AdviseCCR is a virtual agency providing post-secondary counseling, youth apprenticeship, and registrar services for micro/homeschool and underserved communities - all free. We have proudly served over 310 families across the country and offer a range of career counseling services and complex clerical/statistical record-keeping for our families.

Our services are designed to create inclusive career persistence plans for K-16 students and establish high-quality transcript and school profile records for non-public guidance support. As a grassroots organization, we value your input and support and are committed to empowering underserved communities through education. 

Application available on June 2023. Sign up to receive the application.

The AdviseCCR High School Fellowship & Youth Apprenticeship Program supports rising non-public/underserved high school juniors/seniors seeking career and postsecondary planning guidance and resources. Sessions are virtual.

During the 8-month program, Fellows receive student-centered advising, weekly scholarship/industry opportunities, and create a strong post-graduation plan. 

This FREE opportunity is open to Class of 2025/26 homeschool/microschool and Rural high school juniors/seniors. Apply by August 31st.